RIDE TO HONOR is a 4,000 thousand mile trek to honor those who are serving and have served in the United States Armed Forces. 

“Honoring our Armed Forces is first and foremost in my heart.” said, Randy Duckworth. “RIDE TO HONOR is my way of honoring our Armed Forces at home and abroad, THANK YOU, for the determination and persistence in the spirit of patriotism during this time in America.”

All donations will go towards the Capital Construction Project for the Nocona Military Heritage Plaza in Nocona, Texas

Explore opportunities to meet 

Randy on his trip. Riders are invited to join 

him. To find out where Randy is, contact us here.


Randy Duckworth, Ret. U.S. Navy

During the RIDE TO HONOR, Randy hopes to collect 500+ names of veterans around the United States to add to the WALL OF HONOR at the Nocona Military Heritage Plaza. 

To add a veteran’s name fill out the on-line form below or download the form to print out and send via mail.



Download  WALL OF HONOR application mail or fax to NMHP.



  Nocona seeks to

 honor our military with this project.  

Nocona has a proud military heritage.  Nocona Military Heritage Plaza development plans include static displays of armor, aircraft and different artifacts from each branch of service.  The Plaza will include individual sections designated for each major war starting with the Civil War and including Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan. A ceremonial terrace, an open-air chapel and an eternal flame are included in the plans for the Plaza.

 Contact information:  Randy Duckworth       940.304.2600   

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